the crochet experiment

I love to crochet. There is no denying that. Not that I would. I’m proud. I used to think that knitting was where it was at. I knew a few crochet stitches but thought my options were limited. I’d see these amazing knitted hats and sweaters and think I could never do that with crochet. But the more I learn and the more I practice, the more the possibilities of this amazing art open up to me. I no longer worry about learning to knit. Crochet is where it’s at.

Another bonus to this great work, be it knit or crochet, is that you need only a skein of yarn and a needle and you’re good to go. You don’t need extra space and you can take it anywhere. So for me, with our very small home and our ever expanding family, being able to unleash some creative energy without causing a lot of mess is ideal. Mind you, I’m a hoarder of yarn (and fabric) so my space issues become challenged no matter what. But I continue to get better at reorganizing and simplifying. And compromising of course. The Crochet Experiment is about my love of crochet, and my determination to use what I have in a myriad of ways. I want to test the boundaries of instruction and make up the rules as I go along. Which is usually what I do anyway.

Sometimes I only have 15 minutes a day. Sometimes I have an hour. But the time spent is pure enjoyment. And every stitch I pull together is filled with that joy. I hope people feel it when wrapped in a piece that I created.

See my available Crochet work on bloom daisy’s Etsy page!