Feb 18

the little things

One day, I’ll have a beautiful Silver Bullet Airstream, enclosed by it’s own little white picket fence, wildflowers galore to paint the surrounding landscape. It will sit on our little family farm and be the hub and workspace for my little homegrown cottage industry, bloom daisy. And who knows, maybe it won’t be an Airstream at all, but an actual cottage. The structure itself doesn’t matter so much, but the romance behind the vision does.

Right now though, I focus on the little things. Both the ones that matter on the inside, and the ones that I create with my fingertips.

Right now, creative space is where I can find it. In this 720 sq. ft. home, shared with a husband, a teenager and a toddler, a large, blue eyed husky and an ornery mane coon cat, it definitely doesn’t come easy.

I’m learning though. I’m learning to relax about it. One day I will have the space to create big things; the things that live and haunt my imagination and crave to become the physical essence of beauty I know them to be. Of course when the time calls for necessity, I make it so. I have sewn 3 magnificent wedding gowns in this tiny living room. It comes through when I need it to. But now for the most part, it’s just about the little things. Things that can fit in a small box or in the palm of my hand. Things that I can set aside easily when it’s time to prepare dinner or fold the laundry. Things that still manage to feed my creative soul, serve a practical or fanciful purpose, and maybe put a little money in my pocket for the next round.

So until I open the door to that Airstream, I hope you enjoy the little things.

photo courtesy of "Airstrem Adventures"



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